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Nerf Stampede ECS

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NERF fans all over the world had the date 09.09.10 in their diaries for a long time. This was the date on which NERF released their most awesome weapon yet. The Stampede ECS was being billed by toy makers Hasbro as the most exciting and breathtaking NERF toy gun ever to hit retailers' shelves - and who are we to disagree!

Following hot on the heels of other iconic NERF guns like the N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS35, the NERF Havoc Fire EBF-25 and the NERF Deploy CS-6, the NERF Stampede ECS weapon is probably the best NERF weapon ever - not just stated by NERF themselves, but by the thousands of NERF fans who snapped them up as soon as they were available.

NERF Stampede ECS

Reviews of the Stampede ECS are very positive. It is much like the N-Strike Vulcan but a lot lighter. In fact it's so light that's it's possible to be carried and fired using just one hand. The gun uses a new 18-dart clip system and doesn't have a manual pump mode meaning that batteries are required. The gun has a great firing range (largely thanks to the streamline darts that it uses) and boasts an impressive rate of fire.

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* * * * * Brilliant!

Comment by Macaulay, 7th June 2011

I think that the Nerf Stampede ECS is a fantastic gun. Everything about it is BRILL except for the 6 big batteries it takes. Even though the Vulcan Havoc Fire is fast, the Stampede ECS is also fast and it shoots really far.

* * * * * Nerf Stampede is great

Comment by Patrick, 21st October 2010

This new Nerf gun is great. There are several features to note:

1) It uses high-capacity eighteen dart clips. Before, Nerf only made six dart cartridges.
2) it has an attachable shield which explains a lot itself
3) It fires very fast; somewhat like a machine gun
4) It has an attachable handle which doubles as a bipod
5) Finally, it is much lighter than the Vulcan (Havok Fire)

This is why you should my this AMAZING Nerf Blaster!

* * * * * Life keeps getting easier

Comment by Cacoa, 10th August 2010

The NERF Stampede ECS is meant to be the mobile NERF Vulcan. I use to have to carry this massive gun around if I wanted to have an automatic weapon - but now the Stampede is here I can carry a much lighter gun which still has all the same features. It's particularly good for little kids because it's so light and holds 18 bullets a clip!