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XPloderz Guns & Blasters

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Whenever the great outdoors beckons, boys are always ready to get out their Nerf guns or their latest Xploderz blasters! Designed for kids aged 8 and up, the Xploderz series of toy guns fire soft ammunition shells that are infused with water! Not only that, they fire them farther and faster than any other toy gun on the market. Plenty of replacement ammo will be needed, and an impressive tub of 500 hydro-rounds can be purchased as a top-up extra. Ammo clips that can be used on any of the Xploderz range each hold 75 of these ready to fire rounds!

The X-Ploderz X-Blaster 75 Toy Gun

Each of the three different Xploderz blasters has their own unique design that will suit all budgets. First up is the Hand Pistol, XBlaster 75 (known as XBlaster 200 in the US), that can shoot the rounds at a target from 50 feet away. Featuring a 75 round ammo clip, this model is a perfect way to enjoy the Xploders experience!

The X-Ploderz X-Stormer 575 Toy Gun

The XBlaster 75 is impressive enough, but the Side Winder version called XStormer 575 (known as XStormer 1000 in the US) can be hip-fired and will reach up 75 feet away! This model also includes an ammo depot with 500 rounds all ready to go!

The X-Ploderz X-Ranger 1075 Toy Gun

Top of the range however is the shoulder-fired Long Ranger Xploderz, also known as XRanger 1075 (XRanger 2000 in the US). This awesome toy gun has an incredible range of 100 feet and is guaranteed to create great excitement amongst its lucky owners. It also features a detachable gun arm as well as a folding bipod and view finder.

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* - - - - Waste of money

Comment by Karen , 2nd June 2012

My son just bought it and it is a waste of money. The ammo bounces of the wall and it cannot go as far as it says on the labels! I would not recommend this to anybody.

* - - - - Disappointed

Comment by Wendy, 5th June 2011

My two sons brought these guns with their pocket money and savings. They are very disappointed as the guns do not live up to the TV ads and misleading packaging, which claim they are "AWESOME". What a waste of my children's money, and huge let down.

* * * * * Beauty

Comment by Marco, 29th January 2011

Xploderz are the coolest thing ever. Today my son got the gun and he said it was awesome!

* - - - - Junk

Comment by Dawn, 27th January 2011

My son was so excited to get this gun tonight. The ammunition is really neat. But, the gun shoots 2 or 3 at a time, and they go in different directions, so you cannot aim. They don't go even half the distance claimed, and half of the time they don't burst, they just bounce. Waste of money!