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Toys for Children age 10 Years

10 year old children can be challenging in lots of ways, but finding appropriate toys for them can be one of the hardest tasks. This is especially true for friends of the family who perhaps donít know the child particularly well. In this instance, itís probably worth steering clear of character toys as these tend to have rather short lifespans.

Toy ideas for 10 year olds

Educational, sporty and creative toys and games are generally safe bets, and there are some particularly good electronic and other educational games on the market that cater for this age-range well. Online game playing may well be a regular feature for kids in this age group, and plenty of manufacturers have created exciting toys that bring the chracters to life in a physical form.

Teksta Scorpion
Teksta Scorpion by Character Options

Designed by Character Options, this product is especially suitable for kids aged 10-years.

Nerf Firevision Football
Nerf Firevision Football by NERF

This super-slick looking ball has the best aerodynamics and top-quality moulding.

Zoomer Dalmatian
Zoomer Dalmatian by Spin Master

Has a wide array of expressions that help to make him seem almost lifelike.

Furby Boom!
Furby Boom! by Hasbro

These lovable little character toys can be interacted with through a smartphone device.

Banangrams Wildtiles
Banangrams Wildtiles by Bananagrams

Players who are lucky enough to pick up a 'wild tile' can use it to represent any letter they like!

Euro 2016 Sticker Collection
Euro 2016 Sticker Collection

A perfect choice for the football mad kids and adults in your household.

Moshi Monsters Top Trumps Turbo
Moshi Monsters Top Trumps Turbo by Moshi Monsters

Slot the packs into the Hub, spin the Turbo-Spinner and start playing the game.

Triqo Construction Toys
Triqo Construction Toys by ARK DIY

An amazing toy that comes in the form of triangles and squares in ten bright colours.

Robot Turtles
Robot Turtles by Coiledspring Games

>p>The inventor of this game wanted to teach his children the basics of computer programming.


Doodle Delirium
Doodle Delirium by Crayola

A perfect drawing game for all the family to test their creativity against the clock.