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Toys for Children age 10 Years

10 year old children can be challenging in lots of ways, but finding appropriate toys for them can be one of the hardest tasks. This is especially true for friends of the family who perhaps donít know the child particularly well. In this instance, itís probably worth steering clear of character toys as these tend to have rather short lifespans.

Toy ideas for 10 year olds

Educational, sporty and creative toys and games are generally safe bets, and there are some particularly good electronic and other educational games on the market that cater for this age-range well. Online game playing may well be a regular feature for kids in this age group, and plenty of manufacturers have created exciting toys that bring the chracters to life in a physical form.

SET by Coiledspring Games

Age is not an advantage - leaving a level playing field for the entire family.

Chitter Chatters
Chitter Chatters

Cute creatures full of clever electronics, and repeat everything you say to them!

Aurora Northern & Southern Lights Projector
Aurora Northern & Southern Lights Projector by Brainstorm

Kids can explore the mysteries and secrets of this naturally occurring phenomenon.

Spirograph by Goldfish & Bison

The Optical 3D Artist Set is the most exciting development since Spirograph was invented.

Aqua Dragons Illuminated
Aqua Dragons Illuminated by Brainstorm

Children can grow their own cool creatures with the help of the Aqua Dragons Illuminated Set.

Cube Quest
Cube Quest by Coiledspring Games

The game is very simple to learn - just open the box and you'll be playing straight away.

Star Wars Jedi Master Lightsaber Set
Star Wars Jedi Master Lightsaber Set by Star Wars

One of the Bladebuilders series of customisable Star Wars Lightsaber weapons.

Remote Control Machines: Animals
Remote Control Machines: Animals by Thames & Kosmos

Enables kids to construct a whole zooís worth of remote-controlled animals.

Corgi Aston Martin DB5
Corgi Aston Martin DB5 by Hornby Hobbies

Fully re-tooled to modern standards, this Corgi DB5 is packed full of features.

DMX Racer
DMX Racer by Asobi

The sets allow competitors to overtake each other at any point on the racing circuit.