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Toys for Children age 10 Years

10 year old children can be challenging in lots of ways, but finding appropriate toys for them can be one of the hardest tasks. This is especially true for friends of the family who perhaps donít know the child particularly well. In this instance, itís probably worth steering clear of character toys as these tend to have rather short lifespans.

Toy ideas for 10 year olds

Educational, sporty and creative toys and games are generally safe bets, and there are some particularly good electronic and other educational games on the market that cater for this age-range well. Online game playing may well be a regular feature for kids in this age group, and plenty of manufacturers have created exciting toys that bring the chracters to life in a physical form.

Don't Rock The Boat
Don't Rock The Boat by University Games

Donít Rock The Boat is an exciting balancing game for 2-4 players aged 5 years and over.

Fijit Friends
Fijit Friends by Mattel

These gorgeous characters are covered in a tactile soft skin that has a squidgy feel to it.

Geek and Co Ultralight Plane
Geek and Co Ultralight Plane by Thames & Kosmos

Build five different types of planes with varying wing shapes and test them to learn how they fly.

Teksta Scorpion
Teksta Scorpion by Character Options

Designed by Character Options, this product is especially suitable for kids aged 10-years.

Moshi Monsters Top Trumps Turbo
Moshi Monsters Top Trumps Turbo by Moshi Monsters

Slot the packs into the Hub, spin the Turbo-Spinner and start playing the game.


Dioctipoid is a stunning puzzle that provides a challenge for all ages.

3,2,1 Draw!
3,2,1 Draw! by Crayola

This game is a perfect travelling companion for kids on the go.

Tailball by Mookie

Tailball is endorsed by Judy Murray who says ďItís a genius invention".

Articulate for Kids
Articulate for Kids by Drumond Park

This game is fast moving, lively and thrilling fun.

UFO Alarm
UFO Alarm by University Games

The farmer, cows, chicken and sheep scatter when they see the alien spaceship arriving overhead.