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Toys for Children age 4 Years

Many toys are geared very much towards helping the 4 year old preschoolers prepare for their major step into the world of education. Huge advancements have been made in the area of developmental and learning toys over recent years. Popular toy brands like Fisher Price and Vtech producing some excellent interactive electronic and educational toys with a vast array of software to suit individual requirements.

Toy ideas for 4 year olds

Kids of this age still want to have a lot of fun though, so you can do much worse than look towards playsets, dolls houses and action figures to keep them entertained. As they become more technologically savvy, they may also start pestering you for the latest radio-controlled toys. Although this may sound expensive, it doesn't have to be. Plus, this really doesn't need to be as much of a chore because this is the age when kids toys can start to be ‘borrowed’ from time-to-time by the parents!

Wheel Around Fun Set
Wheel Around Fun Set by Jungle Junction

The Jungle Junction Wheel Around Fun Set features all three of the show's main characters.

Henry Huggle-House Playset
Henry Huggle-House Playset by Henry Hugglemonster

Small figurine versions of Henry and Ivor are supplied life-like action.


A charismatic and collectable range of zombie animals.

Greedy Granny
Greedy Granny by Tomy

The object of the game is to take Greedy Granny’s biscuits before she awakens.

Zomlings by Asmodee UK Toys

With 48 different characters to collect, Zomlings are an incredible playground collecting craze.

Who Shook Captain Hook?
Who Shook Captain Hook? by Asmodee UK Toys

This game is a natural addition to the Jake and the Neverland Pirate ranges.


Responds to almost anything a child will say to it, and answers with suggestions.

On-a-Roll Marshall
On-a-Roll Marshall by Spin Master

This hero product is tremendous play value and is full of working features.

Jungle Junction Hippobus Playset
Jungle Junction Hippobus Playset by Jungle Junction

This cross between a hippopo and a bus is ready to taking the Beetlebugs to and from school.

PL-UG Dens
PL-UG Dens by Asobi

This clever British designed PL-UG den system consists of seven well thought out modules.