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Toys for Children age 4 Years

Many toys are geared very much towards helping the 4 year old preschoolers prepare for their major step into the world of education. Huge advancements have been made in the area of developmental and learning toys over recent years. Popular toy brands like Fisher Price and Vtech producing some excellent interactive electronic and educational toys with a vast array of software to suit individual requirements.

Toy ideas for 4 year olds

Kids of this age still want to have a lot of fun though, so you can do much worse than look towards playsets, dolls houses and action figures to keep them entertained. As they become more technologically savvy, they may also start pestering you for the latest radio-controlled toys. Although this may sound expensive, it doesn't have to be. Plus, this really doesn't need to be as much of a chore because this is the age when kids toys can start to be ‘borrowed’ from time-to-time by the parents!

Soggy Doggy
Soggy Doggy by John Adams

One of those silly games that has all the players in permanent fits of laughter!

Chickyboom by Coiledspring Games

Can you get the chickens, wagon wheels and hay bales off the rocking perch without making it topple?

Jungle Junction Playset
Jungle Junction Playset by Jungle Junction

Children will have many hours of fun-filled adventures with the Junction Junction playset.

Tamagotchi Friends
Tamagotchi Friends by Bandai

Tamagotchi Friends is the third incarnation of this incredibly popular interactive pet toy.

Jake’s Pirate Ship
Jake’s Pirate Ship by Jake and the Never Land Pirates

This is Jake's very own pirate boat called Bucky that features in every episode of the show.

Silly Sausage
Silly Sausage by John Adams

Fast reactions are the key to success as the instructions come faster as you progress!

RC Tom's Leafboard Adventure
RC Tom's Leafboard Adventure by Flair

Kids can re-enact some of Tom’s best and thrilling moves with this detailed skateboard.

Inflatable RC Peppa Pig
Inflatable RC Peppa Pig by Bladez Toyz

Joining Bladez range of inflatable radio controlled toys is none other than every kid’s favourite character.

Moshi Monsters Moshling Treehouse
Moshi Monsters Moshling Treehouse by Moshi Monsters

Provides the perfect place to play with your favourite Moshis with a fully working basket lift.

PL-UG Dens
PL-UG Dens by Asobi

This clever British designed PL-UG den system consists of seven well thought out modules.