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Teddy Bears

In 1902, teddy bears made almost simultaneous appearances on both sides of the Atlantic. The Mitchom family of New York and the Steiff family in Germany both released versions of a stuffed bear, and of course the Steiff tradition has continued for over a century, and is still going strong. Teddy bears have become such a strong traditional symbol of childhood that it is almost certain that every house with a child owns at least one example, and probably more.

The vintage Steiff bears in particular have become extremely collectable, and many early examples have sold for thousands of pounds at auctions around the world. Teddies are confidantes and loyal friends to millions of children in every country, many of whom still treasure and cuddle their repaired bears well into adult life. Our love affair with teddy bears shows no signs of abating, and sales on both sides of the Atlantic are still rising.

There are many outlets specialising in selling just bears, and you can even select an outer skin, and have it filled and named especially for you! Virtually any animals you can name have been produced as stuffed versions, but none can compare with the appeal of the traditional teddy!

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Steiff Teddy Bears

Cherished by owners all over the world, their teddy bears are of the highest quality.

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Say it with Bears

One of the first companies in the UK to sell personalised teddy bears online.

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Furry Friends Corner

Online sales of unstuffed teddy bears and furry friends plus clothing and accessories.

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Selfridges Toy Shop

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