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Toys for Babies age 5 Months

At 5 months old a baby’s coordination really starts to improve, and any toy that they can bang is usually a good bet. Drums are especially good – but any toy that responds to being hit by this age baby is perfect! They also love being placed in a floor bouncer that reacts to their kicking and arm waving movements.

Recommended toys for babies

Products that help to develop a sense of self are also very good. By 5 months old, babies will smile at other babies - especially the one that looks back at them from the mirror! You may also like to consider introducing more musical toys, particularly hand-held ones that help with coordination and dexterity.

Supermarket Till
Supermarket Till by Casdon

This shopping till toy has a touch-sensitive screen and fully working calculator.

Sophie The Giraffe
Sophie The Giraffe by Sophie the Giraffe

One of best teether toys on the market and a firm favourite of any baby who gets one.

Oball Rattle
Oball Rattle

This durable ball can be squashed and yet miraculously returns to shape.

Clemmy by Clementoni

Clemmy's soft construction toys are some of the safest available.

Twilight Turtle
Twilight Turtle by Cloud b

A gorgeous plush toy that converts any darkened room into a sparkling night sky.