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Toys for Children age 6 Years

6-year old children just love to express themselves. This makes creative toys that encourage self-expression a really good bet for this age group. Such toys include digital cameras and dressing up costumes as well as arts & crafts kits.

Toy ideas for 6 year olds

Plasticine or other moulding toys are great for this age, and there are also some interesting electronic toys on the market that help encourage creative play. As with all ages, sport is a really important part of a child's development. Any toys that can help your 6-year old develop confidence, sportsmanship and let off some steam at the same time is always a great idea.

Ben and Holly's Thistle Castle Playset
Ben and Holly's Thistle Castle Playset by Ben and Holly

The master bedroom has a folding bed that moves away to reveal an escape slide.

Zed The Zombie
Zed The Zombie

Zed stands 9 tall when complete with all his various body parts in the correct place.

Carddies School Set
Carddies School Set by Carddies

This set is one of the favourite boxes in the whole of the Carddies arts & crafts colouring ranges.

Ben and Holly's Magic Draw
Ben and Holly's Magic Draw by Ben and Holly

A charming purple and green colour scheme and is complete with chunky buttons.

RC Woolly
RC Woolly by Golden Bear

Kids love his circular spinning motion that they control from the easy to use hand controller.

Moshi Monsters Moshling Treehouse
Moshi Monsters Moshling Treehouse by Moshi Monsters

Provides the perfect place to play with your favourite Moshis with a fully working basket lift.

Morbs by Flair

Starts as a table-tennis type ball but converts into a big headed small bodied character.

Morphy Richards Kitchen Set
Morphy Richards Kitchen Set by Casdon

This fantastic set from Casdon contains no less than twelve items!

Grow Eggs
Grow Eggs by HGL

Kids watch in amazement as the shell dissolves in water and reveals a baby dinosaur hatching inside!

My Friend Dory
My Friend Dory by Bandai

Features fifty phrases from the film, activated as kids pretend Dory is swimming through the water.