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Toys for Children age 6 Years

6-year old children just love to express themselves. This makes creative toys that encourage self-expression a really good bet for this age group. Such toys include digital cameras and dressing up costumes as well as arts & crafts kits.

Toy ideas for 6 year olds

Plasticine or other moulding toys are great for this age, and there are also some interesting electronic toys on the market that help encourage creative play. As with all ages, sport is a really important part of a child's development. Any toys that can help your 6-year old develop confidence, sportsmanship and let off some steam at the same time is always a great idea.

Goodnight Charley Bear
Goodnight Charley Bear by Little Charley Bear

Such a lovable character that kids clamour to own this beautiful soft toy.

Noisy Lion Playset
Noisy Lion Playset by Raa Raa the Noisy Lion

Featuring the tree that appears in most episodes, the playset has plenty of features.

Huggable Henry & Hetty
Huggable Henry & Hetty by Casdon

There are very few toys that can claim to be as iconic as Casdon's Henry and Hetty toys.

Soggy Doggy
Soggy Doggy by John Adams

One of those silly games that has all the players in permanent fits of laughter!

Leapfrog Epic
Leapfrog Epic by LeapFrog

Using the Android 4.4 operating system, the Epic features a 7” LCD touch screen.

Top Gear Bullit Scooter
Top Gear Bullit Scooter by Zinc

Features a built in digital speedometer that's a hit with young Top Gear fans.

Seagull Splat
Seagull Splat by University Games

Another fun filled kids board game with plenty of Splat!

Chickyboom by Coiledspring Games

Can you get the chickens, wagon wheels and hay bales off the rocking perch without making it topple?

Picnic Timmy
Picnic Timmy by Timmy Time

Comes with his favourite food... a carton of milk and a nice, healthy cheese sandwich.

Playmobil Puzzle & Playset
Playmobil Puzzle & Playset by Playmobil

You’ll be surrounded by your favourite animals; sheep, horses and goats galore!