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Cerebral Palsy Toys

Whilst cerebral palsy can affect children in very different ways, the common effect of having difficulty with movement is what many cerebral palsy toys are designed to help with. As with any other particular need, the best toys for children with cerebral palsy should be chosen with the specific child in mine, as a toy that is effective for one child may be frustrating for another.

Many of the toys on the market that are advertised as being specifically for children with cerebral palsy are actually just regular toys that happen to be particularly effective for anyone with a physical impairment. Common toys that you will find include construction toys to help with hand-eye coordination and sensory toys with bright colours, flashing lights, loud noises and different textures.

Much of the time, toys that you find on the shelves of any High Street toy shop will need just a slight bit of modification to make them the ideal playtime addition. Some online retailers have special sections devoted to special needs toys, and many of them are willing to try and answer customers specific queries before they make a purchase.

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