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Toys for Children age 7 Years

By the age of 7, peer pressure very much dictatates the toys that children want to play with. This can be a tricky time for parents who can find that the constant pressure for the latest toys can be both an irritant and an expensive time. However, toys that encourage collectability can also be rewarding as it gives focus to specific ranges.

Toy ideas for 7 year olds

Manufacturers are particularly switched on to the fact that kids of this age are very eager to keep up with the latest trends. The reinvention of old characters and the creation of new ones into popular TV shows means that children of this age seem to have a constantly growing list of toys to add to their wish-lists.

Dinosaur Train All Aboard Game
Dinosaur Train All Aboard Game by Dinosaur Train

The aim of the game is for the players to follow a path through the three ages of dinosaurs.

Stink Bugzzz
Stink Bugzzz by Character Options

Each of the smelly little characters is supplied in its own pot of rancid and putrid slime.

Mashin' Max Game
Mashin' Max Game by Hasbro

Features a big hungry ape who wants to destroy all of your little critters!

Giggle Belly Timmy
Giggle Belly Timmy by Timmy Time

A mess-free drawing aid that encourages children to create their own masterpieces!

Minions Bumpeez
Minions Bumpeez by Minions

These collectable characters are a playground hit.

Teksta T-Rex
Teksta T-Rex by Character Options

Children can take him for a walk using hand gesture technology.

3D Maker
3D Maker by Mookie

Supplied with numerous moulds that enable children to make impressive 3D structures.

StikBots by Brainstorm

These cleverly designed articulated toy figures perfectly mimic almost any human action.

Talking Ben and Holly Toys
Talking Ben and Holly Toys by Ben and Holly

Standing 30 cm tall, these are great copies of the characters in the animated series.

My Friend Freddy Bear
My Friend Freddy Bear by Vivid

Freddy has numerous touch sensors on his soft body that perform different actions and sounds.