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Toys for Children age 7 Years

By the age of 7, peer pressure very much dictatates the toys that children want to play with. This can be a tricky time for parents who can find that the constant pressure for the latest toys can be both an irritant and an expensive time. However, toys that encourage collectability can also be rewarding as it gives focus to specific ranges.

Toy ideas for 7 year olds

Manufacturers are particularly switched on to the fact that kids of this age are very eager to keep up with the latest trends. The reinvention of old characters and the creation of new ones into popular TV shows means that children of this age seem to have a constantly growing list of toys to add to their wish-lists.

Leapfrog Epic
Leapfrog Epic by LeapFrog

Using the Android 4.4 operating system, the Epic features a 7” LCD touch screen.

Top Gear Bullit Scooter
Top Gear Bullit Scooter by Zinc

Features a built in digital speedometer that's a hit with young Top Gear fans.

Seagull Splat
Seagull Splat by University Games

Another fun filled kids board game with plenty of Splat!

Chickyboom by Coiledspring Games

Can you get the chickens, wagon wheels and hay bales off the rocking perch without making it topple?

Picnic Timmy
Picnic Timmy by Timmy Time

Comes with his favourite food... a carton of milk and a nice, healthy cheese sandwich.

Playmobil Puzzle & Playset
Playmobil Puzzle & Playset by Playmobil

You’ll be surrounded by your favourite animals; sheep, horses and goats galore!

Pumpaloons by Drumond Park

A fast-paced, hilarious and energetic game that guarantees all kind of mayhem.

Dino Bite
Dino Bite by Drumond Park

Dino Bite is a monster action game designed to provide fearsome, spine-tingling fun!

KidKraft Disney® Pixar Cars 3 Florida Racetrack Set & Table
KidKraft Disney® Pixar Cars 3 Florida Racetrack Set & Table by KidKraft

Designed by KidKraft, this product is especially suitable for kids aged 7-years.

Triqo Construction Toys
Triqo Construction Toys by ARK DIY

An amazing toy that comes in the form of triangles and squares in ten bright colours.