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Toy Police Cars for Kids

Maybe it's the flashing lights and noisy sirens, or maybe it's the thrill of the chase to track down the felon. Whatever the appeal might be, police cars have always been one of the most popular types of toy vehicle. The fact that the model of car, bodywork graphics and police uniforms are constantly being adapted and updated means that there's never a shortage of new police cars to collect. If you're bored of the traditional police car, no problem! How about a police van, helicopter or motorbike instead?!

Those interested in realistic, scale models should check out Corgi's offerings, although if you're looking for something for a younger child then you can do much worse than Duplo or WOW Toys. Many toy police cars will come with a policeman figure complete with handcuffs and a police dog. Others may be part of a larger 'emergency services' playset which encourages children to created emergency scenarios and bring all the emergency services together to help out.

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