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Children's Toy Submarines

No water based vessel has more mystique and attraction than a submarine. By seeming to defy the laws of gravity and common sense (bit like a vertical take off Harrier jet) nearly every child has a toy submarine as a bath time plaything, and this initial introduction to these amazing ships can often carry on well into childhood and beyond. The simplest toy submarines are clockwork powered, and when wound up will dive and surface again all by themselves!

Nearly every company that makes toys for kids up to 6 years old will have a toy submarine in their listings including Vtech, Corgi, Wow Toys and Fisher Price. Their Imaginext Ocean Submarine shown in the image above is strictly a floor model and has opening sides, rotating propeller, adjustable periscope and two submarine characters to go inside. Lego and Playmobil both include submarines in their collections, all with many working features.

Many kids jigsaw puzzles feature submarine pictures in them, and there’s a wealth of construction kits from Airfix and Revell of both old and modern versions. Radio controlled toy submarines are very affordable, and make bath time more fun than ever, although the bigger ones would be better off in a boating lake. You can buy toy submarines in any good traditional toy shop as well as from many online sellers.

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