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Mirror Toys for Babies

Parents may understandably be nervous about the safety aspects of buying a babies mirror toy, but these worries are unfounded with the use of strong shiny plastics instead of breakable glass. Baby mirrors often form a small part of a baby gym, and initially the youngsters will just notice reflections of light or other objects without really knowing what they’re looking at. As the eyesight develops the fun begins!

When a baby first catches sight of themselves in a mirror, it’s often a joyous moment full of wonder, surprise and excitement as they think they have a friend to play with! Manhattan Toy, Lamaze, Fisher Price and many other baby toy suppliers make toys that incorporate these safety mirrors that provide so much fun and pleasure to the littlest family members.

Mirror toys for babies are really popular presents, and they’re even incorporated into larger items like playmats, soft toys or activity cubes. As the babies get older the mirrors get bigger and you can even buy ones that can be used in the bath or attached to a car window.

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