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Toys for Preschoolers

By the time a child has gone through the baby and toddler phases, they’re ready for the next set of preschool toys. Now that they have much better balance and can move around with more confidence and freedom, the preschool toys often have extra elements of movement or dexterity, whether it’s on wheels or via a more advanced shape sorter. Kids of this age start to push their toys around the floor, or make pretend aeroplanes and helicopters fly in the sky. These extra actions help to develop the senses that they started to learn almost from the moment of birth.

Musical sounds, flashing lights and sophisticated actions are often all part of this new preschool toy phase, and by now the kids will be learning how to build bigger and better towers and shapes with their sets of building blocks. Little boys will like to assert themselves and use their wooden hammer pegs to great effect, whereas little girls may be more content to call some pretend friends on their fancy princess themed telephone.

By the time children have reached preschool age they become even more inquisitive about everything around them, and may want to experiment with playing a toy guitar or ride on a simple bike or scooter. All of these different preschool toys are designed to stretch the kids to the limits of their capabilities and imaginations, as well as teaching them how things work. Thousands of preschool toys are available in all good traditional toy shops as well as through the hundreds of online sellers.

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