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Toys for Children age 8 Years

Many children have strong personalities by the time they reach 8 years old. It becomes tricky to make general suggestions about the most suitable toys to buy them. Sporty kids will almost certainly enjoy the timeless classics such as Swingball, Aerobie and basketball hoops.

Toy ideas for 8 year olds

The creative children may be really getting into photography, painting or even modelling ­ and many girls will now be firmly into fashion and want to dress up their dolls in the latest frocks. There are also lots of personal beauty products on sale for children of this age such as make-up bars and jewellery boxes.

Ultimate Arlo and Spot Dinosaur Figure
Ultimate Arlo and Spot Dinosaur Figure by Tomy

Arlo’s inseparable friend Spot is also included and uniquely he is the controller for all of Arlo’s movements.

Pie Face
Pie Face by Hasbro

Pie Face is probably one of the best slapstick games of the 21st century.

Kids First Botany Experimental Greenhouse
Kids First Botany Experimental Greenhouse by Thames & Kosmos

Budding botanists love getting their hands dirty in this unique biological science experiment kit.

BB8 Droid
BB8 Droid by Star Wars

The toy BB8 was designed to work as closely as possible to the droid seen in the film.

Teksta Kitty
Teksta Kitty by Character Options

This cute little pet pussy cat is partial to showing off her mouse catching trick.

Minions Bumpeez
Minions Bumpeez by Minions

These collectable characters are a playground hit.

Leapfrog Epic
Leapfrog Epic by LeapFrog

Using the Android 4.4 operating system, the Epic features a 7” LCD touch screen.

Top Gear Bullit Scooter
Top Gear Bullit Scooter by Zinc

Features a built in digital speedometer that's a hit with young Top Gear fans.

Robo Turtle
Robo Turtle by Tobar

Brilliant colours and high class swimming action make these toys instantly collectable.

Joggle by Green Board Games

An enjoyable board game that consists of a stylish board with 64 marble places.