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Toys for Children age 8 Years

Many children have strong personalities by the time they reach 8 years old. It becomes tricky to make general suggestions about the most suitable toys to buy them. Sporty kids will almost certainly enjoy the timeless classics such as Swingball, Aerobie and basketball hoops.

Toy ideas for 8 year olds

The creative children may be really getting into photography, painting or even modelling ­ and many girls will now be firmly into fashion and want to dress up their dolls in the latest frocks. There are also lots of personal beauty products on sale for children of this age such as make-up bars and jewellery boxes.

Bobble Bots Moshi Monster House
Bobble Bots Moshi Monster House by Moshi Monsters

A perfect playset for kids to enjoy their collection of these little characters.

JJ My Jumping Pug
JJ My Jumping Pug by FurReal Friends

JJ can respond to waves of your hand with actions like jumping onto his hind legs from a sitting position!

Nocto by Vivid

Once you start using any of the 50+ interactive features we think you're going to warm to him too!

LeapReader by LeapFrog

An innovative electronic reading and writing system.

Teksta Scorpion
Teksta Scorpion by Character Options

We'd be very surprised if children of age 8-years don't fall for this toy.

Loom Twister Kit
Loom Twister Kit by HGL

Incredibly easy to use, this great set includes two large looms and 2000 special rubber bands.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesí Dojo Training Bag
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesí Dojo Training Bag by Flair

Challenges boys to see if they have what it takes to become a Ninja.

Kurio S Series
Kurio S Series by KD UK

Both Kurio tablets come with protective bumpers to help safeguard against knocks.

Ballzoons by John Adams

Ballzoons are literally a cross between a balloon and a ball.

Geode Discovery Kit
Geode Discovery Kit by Brainstorm

Each innovative kit comes with three quality geodes which are unique hollow rocks.