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Toys for Children age 9 Years

Many 9 year old children have individuals styles and preferences, and this can make choosing appropriate toys a little harder than perhaps it was at younger ages. Parents or close friends of the child will certainly have a much better grasp of the child’s favourite toys or TV shows of the moment. This is the best first step when trying to decide on a toy to buy a child of this age.

Toy ideas for 9 year olds

If you’re unable to get this kind of insider knowledge however, you could do far worse than choosing a radio-controlled toy for a boy and a fashion kit for a girl. There are also some great eductional products available for children aged 9 years old too. Parents could try checking out brands like National Geographic, John Crane and LeapFrog for some additional inspiration.

Xeno by Flair

This cute electronic character is programmed with ten incredible emotions.

Tarantula Tango
Tarantula Tango by Coiledspring Games

The winner is the first to get rid of all their cards. Who will be the Tarantula Tango master?

Robot Turtles
Robot Turtles by Coiledspring Games

>p>The inventor of this game wanted to teach his children the basics of computer programming.


Scribble Scramble
Scribble Scramble by Crayola

The clever drawing board unit magically erases the image or doodle as the clock ticks down.

InnoTab 3S
InnoTab 3S by VTech

A large 5” sensitive touch screen in landscape format is just the start of impressive features.

Red Toolbox Workbench
Red Toolbox Workbench by Red Toolbox

This set contains everything a young DIY enthusiast needs to get themselves started.

Zoomer Dalmatian
Zoomer Dalmatian by Spin Master

Has a wide array of expressions that help to make him seem almost lifelike.

Party Bananagrams
Party Bananagrams by Bananagrams

The players still race to complete a word grid but with several twists and turns on the way.

3,2,1 Draw!
3,2,1 Draw! by Crayola

This game is a perfect travelling companion for kids on the go.

Geode Discovery Kit
Geode Discovery Kit by Brainstorm

Each innovative kit comes with three quality geodes which are unique hollow rocks.