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Bath Books for Babies

Whilst bath time is one of the best times of the day for tiny kids as they get to splash their mum and dad, the bath is also likely to be full of an assortment of bath toys like water wheels, plastic ducks and toy boats. Bath books however are increasingly popular, and parents find they have an educational benefit at this normally noisy time.

Usually printed on thick waterproof plastic, these colourful bath books have an assortment of pictures and words for children to identify, and some of them even incorporate a squeaker or water squirter into the covers. If parents are feeling really brave they could also buy a set of bath crayons to write on the bath books, or even on the tiles and bath. Naturally they’re easy to wash off!

These very first bath books are often a great introduction to get children reading, and they’ll soon progress to simple picture books with short stories. Before you know it the kids will be reading encyclopedias for information for school work, or curling up with a great story book like the Harry Potter series. If time is short, there are plenty of online booksellers specialising in children's books as well as any novel that would appeal to parents as well.

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