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Children's Spelling Toys

Spelling, punctuation and grammar are key skills that children are taught at a very young age - and these skills can often be aided by the use of spelling and literacy toys. Ranging from simple individual cards with the alphabet letters on them, right up to sophisticated electronic word recognition and spelling toys, there’s a great selection for parents to choose from.

The iconic game of Scrabble is made in a junior version, and the whole family can get involved playing this game and helping to extend their children’s vocabulary as well as helping to improve their spelling. Other simple spelling games, puzzles and toys are made by firms like Orchard Toys or Galt who are so good at adding an element of fun to the learning process.

Particularly popular are electronic spelling toys that randomly generate words for children to practise spelling. Companies such as Vtech and Leapfrog make a wide range of these digital toys to suit all age groups. Some spelling toys incorporate a children’s favourite TV character to make them even more interesting for these young learners. The shops below are included in this section because they sell high-quality spelling toys which help your child to learn at the same time as being enjoyable to use.

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