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Children's Ride-On Forklift Trucks

Whilst the choice of childrenís ride-on fork lift trucks may not be huge, the Linde version made by Big is probably the best. Featuring many functioning parts itís a realistic replica of the real thing and there canít be many little boys who wouldnít like to own one. Whichever fork lift truck a parent picks, they must have as many working features as possible.

Usually operated by a chain drive to the rear wheels, a roll over cage is an important feature of a kids ride-on fork lift truck, and of course the working forks are the biggest attraction for raising loads and stacking them on the garage shelves!

Most models will have a towing hitch on the back to couple up a trailer, and big rubber tyred wheels for extra grip in slippery situations. Young boys especially love riding around the garden on almost any toy whether itís a tractor, digger or bicycle, but for something different a fork lift truck is hard to beat.

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