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Toy Fantasy Figures

The designers of toy fantasy figures can really let their imaginations run free and dream up all sorts of creatures, half breeds or monsters that exist only in fiction. Standing up to 5-centimetres tall, these highly collectable toy figures can be divided up into separate ranges. Both Papo and Schleich have large ranges of these popular figurines that include orks, dwarves and elves that do battle with the knights that are seeking to protect their fairy princesses. Other figures such as trolls, ghosts, centaurs, minotaurs and griffins all seek to do battle and get control of their enemies!

There are lots of accessories to help little boys and girls in their pretend role play and have hours of fun moving the characters around in fortresses, dungeons or castles. Le Toy Van, Pintoy and Melissa and Doug are just three of the well known suppliers that create the exciting play environments. Other toy fantasy figures are based around historical stories and can include witches, fairies, monsters, werewolves and unicorns, and although Papo and Schleich probably have the biggest ranges, there are lots available from other makers.

New fantasy figures are created every year, and these new releases are eagerly awaited by fans and collectors all over the world. Companies like Games Workshop are experts at creating detailed models that have to be assembled and painted. Some of their figures are extremely fearsome and ugly. Films like Lord of the Rings has re-awakened kidís interest in half-creatures and fearsome beasts, and toy fantasy figures are now amongst the most popular of all the different categories.

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