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Toy King & Queen Figures

The collecting of toy figurines is a hobby enjoyed by millions of children and adults worldwide, and one of the largest selections is that of historic toy king and queen figures. From characters such as Henry VIII and his Queen, to dancing princesses in beautiful gowns, the selection is huge and varied. These toy figures are mainly manufactured to a constant scale, so many different historic categories can be collected and displayed together.

Whilst master model makers Schleich and Papo are the main manufacturers of toy king and queen figures, other suppliers also produce some less detailed variants that nevertheless represent excellent value for money. The range doesn’t stop just with this subject though. The princesses all need a prince figure to be courted by, and these will often have a trusty horse to carry them around the various royal estates.

Extra toy king and queen figures that fit well into this historic setting are beautiful fairies and elves, often accompanied by a magnificent unicorn. Throw in a magician like Merlin or a court jester and you have the perfect historical play setting! All of these figures need a castle to roam around in, and makers like Le Toy Van, John Crane, Plan Toys, Pintoy and Melissa & Doug make a great assortment at prices to suit every budget.

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