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Toy Cash Registers and Pretend Tills

Whilst purchases in shops are usually made through sophisticated electronic tills, it seems that there is still a big demand by parents and kids for some good old fashioned toy cash registers! Fisher Price for example make a wonderful version for kids as young as one that cleverly also doubles as a shape sorter, has a cash drawer and plenty of buttons to press.

Pretend shopping is a great way for kids to learn about money, and British firm Casdon, who make a superb selection of toy cash registers also make play money for extra realism. Modern toy tills abound however, and some are endorsed with popular brands such as Barbie, although most are excellent replicas of the real things. They’re full of miniature electronics so that they can even incorporate chip and pin devices for reading pretend credit cards. Some even feature a toy scanner for scanning product barcodes! Whatever cash register parents choose, it’s virtually guaranteed to be a toy that will provide excellent play value for many years.

Some of the wooden toy manufacturers like Santoy and Wonderworld make wooden versions with beautifully rounded edges and working features. Smoby even make a version of a supermarket checkout complete with a conveyor belt, vegetable scale and a toy cash register. Some of the tills even incorporate a working calculator so that children can get their change exactly right!

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