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Children's Toy Kettles

Whilst not all children may be fortunate enough to own a big role play kitchen set complete with a cooker, hob and fridge, some of the most popular kid’s toys are miniature replicas of various kitchen appliances. Whilst no-one is suggesting that children’s toy kettles can be used to boil water, they are an important pretend toy in the role play learning process.

Lots of well known toy suppliers make these products, with firms like Casdon producing replicas of real brands such as Breville. Santoys traditional stove shaped wooden model is a beautiful item with a natural wood finish and a bright blue lid and handle! Toy kettles come in all shapes, sizes and colours, with many being produced in the modern ‘jug’ shaped design.

Naturally these can be filled with cold water, and many of them have a fill level indicator on the side just like the real thing. Electronics have found their way into the humble toy kettle, and some models can make a ‘boiling’ sound whilst others may have a light feature when they’re full.

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