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The Golden Teddy Awards

The Golden Teddy Awards began in 2001 and are designed to give public recognition to individuals who have given a special or long service to the toy business, normally for at least 25 years.

The Golden Teddies can be awarded at any time of the year, although most are awarded at the Toy Industry Awards ceremony that takes place during the London Toy Fair each year.

Golden Teddy Award winners are nominated by their peers within the toy industry - and each one is judged on its merits by a panel at the British Toy and Hobby Association. The nominees can work in any sector of the industry and in any capacity. The judging criteria is that the individual must possess "niceness, honesty and integrity".

2024 Golden Teddy Winners
Clive Brown (The Toy Shop Melksham)
Celine McConnell (Marshal Toy Agencies) 

2023 Golden Teddy Winners
Neil Leah (KAP Toys)
Mark Foster (Playmobil)
Stephen Town (Lorimers)

2022 Golden Teddy Winners
Tim Hall (Ravensburger)
Russell Lipman (Wilton Bradley)
Paul Wright (Mashal Toy Agencies)
Mike Coe (BTHA sustainability consultant)
Michael Ives (Mamas and Papas)
David Bolton (British Retail Consortium)
Malcolm Horner (Bureau Veritas)
Alan Thompson (Sales agent, Tomy)

2021 Golden Teddy Winners
Paul Collinson and Mark Collinson (previously of VTech)

2019 Golden Teddy Winners
Craig Richards (of Mattel)
Philip Richardson of Character Options)
Simon Kohler (of Hornby Hobbies)
Stuart Crawford (of MV Sports)

2018 Golden Teddy Winners
Colin Rossiter (of Character Options)
Graham Hurell (of Vivid)

2016 Golden Teddy Winners
Tom Beach (of Toy Industry Safety Expert)
Mike Frost (of Generation Media)
Dave Goves (of Peterkin)
Paul Reader (of Toymaster)

2015 Golden Teddy Winners
Mark Beaman (of Epoch Making Toys)
Jeff Taylor (of Arena Azure)
Josephine Royce (of Rodwins Toys)
Christine Baxter (of the BTHA)
Tracey Butcher (of the BTHA)
Mike Rowe ( of Character Options)

Golden Teddy Award

2014 Golden Teddy Winners
Mandy Harrison (of Brookite)
Nick Harrison (of Brookite)
Keith Thompson (of Schleich)

2013 Golden Teddy Winners
Rosemary Hughes (of John Adams)
Bernard Smith (of University Games)
Graham Brennan (of Playmobil)

2012 Golden Teddy Winners
Peter Fielding (Panda Toys)
Julian Boyers
Martyn George (Toy Agent)

2011 Golden Teddy Winners
Paul Edy
Gordon Parker
Bob Henderson
George Prentice
Barry Walker (Conways)
Bob Nicholls

2010 Golden Teddy Winners
Alan Maton (Toy agent)
Keith Frost
Mike Gibson
Keith Lister
Bryan Slaven (Toy Agent)
Graham Thompson (Character Options)

2009 Golden Teddy Winners
John Baulch (Toy World Magazine)
Rob Todhunter (Toy Agent. Also winner of Bandai's agent of the year award, 2010)
Les Vargeson (Earlybird)
Ian Kenyon (Toy Agent)

Previous winners include Mike Edwards, Peter Crispin, Colin Farrow and Malcolm Naish.