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Cube Quest

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Who will win in this clash for the crown? In 2011 Gary & Oly Sibthorpe entered a game into the UKGames Expo awards. The game was an instant success with the attendees and it won Best Family Game. Fast Forward... and those clever people at Gamewright worked with Gary & Oly on their prototype game and released Cube Quest in 2013.

The game is very simple to learn - just open the box and you'll be playing straight away. We hazard a guess that the adults will still be playing long after the children have gone to bed!

Cube Quest

Whilst the premise is fantastically simple, you need plenty of skills and strategy to win. Two Kings sit in their castles, defended by their army. Strikers are warriors, skilfully evading capture and attacking their enemy, Grunts are plentiful but expendable, perfect to use in a defensive role.

Play starts when both players have arranged their army in the formation of their choosing - then battle commences... The player with the squarest head starts (or the youngest). They flick one of their cubes at their opposition, attempting to knock the King out of his castle and off the board. Should the cube land in enemy territory it is rolled to discover if they have survived or perished.

Official Cube Quest Artwork

As the game progresses, more and more cubes will be knocked off the board by the battling opponents (or if you're playing against someone who is hopeless at flicking, you'll find they can clear their own players pretty effectively, leaving you to bear down on their hapless King).

The winner is the player who knocks the opposing King off the board completely. It's such a simple game to learn, but don't be fooled into thinking that the hardest flick wins the game - it's about tactics and strategy, as well as the way you use your army to protect your king. There are two levels of play - standard as described above, and advanced where additional characters; Skulks, Helms, Health and Freeze (included in the box) can be incorporated into your army. They all have different skills and abilities to strengthen your tactics.

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